Our Mission

The mission of Apex Oceans with dive with Kristi is to open the eyes of the world to the real life issues we have in our oceans and the devastation being caused by humans through over fishing, plastic, and the sheer lack of understanding of why we need our Apex predators and the oceans that touch our shores, hearts and life’s. 

Apex Oceans seeks to provide eco-friendly and recycled materials made into products and apparel you can wear in and out of the water. With the long-term goal to re-educate fisherman, tourists, locals, and anyone willing to open their hearts to the importance of sharks within our ocean and food chain. 

Apex oceans seeks to not only educate through online courses, blogs, photos, videos and more but to take people on excursions to other countries to swim with the worlds most amazing pelagic animals in their natural habitat. 15 % of all profits will be going to the most deserving shark and conservation charities.