Our Why

My name is Kristi and I am the founder of Apex oceans. The company that will drive the supply of sustainable clothing, accessories, education and travel. I am a Dual certified PADI & SSI scuba diving instructor who has dived around the world in search of my next adventure, dive and moments under the water teaching people the ways to best enjoy their experience while having and understanding of the importance of this ocean that surrounds 72% of our worlds surface and to think that we have only discovered just a fraction of this is still amazing to me. But what is devastating is that as a fellow diver to the marine biologists, conservation experts, scientists and of course every certified diver / free diver on the planet we are hit with a huge crisis of ocean destruction and devastation. More of the ocean has been destroyed than we have even been able to discover due to many factors including but not limited to over fishing / offshore drilling oil or fracking / farming waste / commercial waste and so so much more you would get tired of reading.

My mission here is to not only discover more of myself on this journey but to take you all with me. We will start small… my online shop which will provide the sustainable/ recycled apparel and accessories to minimis the industrial waste, the use of harsh chemicals and more. This will run alongside the blogs, YouTube and social media that will strive to encourage more to people to join our journey. Next I will be releasing online courses and presentations!!! At this present time things must be adjusted and changed to fit with which ever pandemic we are currently in, so I plan to provide accredited online courses in ecology, conservation, sustainable living, scuba diving and more. 

Finally, once all wheels are in place and the travel restrictions are lowered; I WILL BE running international trips across the world for those who are wanting to expand their mind, body, soul and connection to the earth and ocean. A range of trips world wide will cover but not limited to qualified divers liveaboard trips, shark diving, learn to dive, and a range of other courses available to do depending on the location. This will mean you will get to work, dive and learn with me, sharks and the other amazing oceanic animals and see some of the most incredible reefs in the world! But for the people who really want to be involved we will be running a range of trips / activities to help clean up our act in the name of saving the planet one person at a time. Cleaning beaches and shores, re-education of local international areas, practice in conservation and coral research and obviously shark conservation.

I will be teaming up with a range of conservation charities, scientists, divers, influencers and more to help move us all on the right track of what the ocean should expect from humanity, and help fuse a relationship with the people who currently have a lesser understanding of why it is so important to the future generations and current generations we currently live with, to lower the destruction and increase the drive for survival. 15% OF ALL profits of Apex Oceans will go to charities that are currently fighting for the survival of sharks and the conservation / research that goes along side that! So every piece of merchandise you buy, course you take or even trip you invest in not means that not only do you have an amazing experience or apparel but you know you are also working to help fund the charities that need it most that might not have even crossed your radar.