Who I Am

In order to understand what this company is and what it is fighting for, you first need to know who started it and why it was started.

I never had the flare in life for the deep ocean, murky waters, and animals I had no understanding of other than what had been fed to me by the media and the films, we have all watched Jaws and we are all well aware of the affect it has had on the mind of people all other world about the deadly animals.

Before I became a diving instructor, I was a horse-riding instructor and trainer, then unfortunately I broke my back at university while competing in a show jumping competition at Uni. This led to me having to leave my original childhood ambition of being a well established trainer and rider to nothing, this is when I then needed to find some new way to express work ethic and find a new avenue where I have to take up the ‘real job’ in society; So I became a recruitment consultant within the Oil and Gas industry! That is right, I was in the complete opposite field and believed in everything I would not now. It was a shock to realise how bad of an impact the oil and gas industry has on the ocean especially the offshore rigs / deep sea drilling ships. Since becoming a scuba diver, I have come to the realisation how important it is to make people aware of the devesting cost to being reliant of fossil fuels.

Unfortunately, in 2014 I broke my back again and had to make the decision that if the surgeons were right about me ending up in a wheelchair by the time, I hit 30 I knew I needed to start travelling the world now. So that is what I did. Thailand was my first destination where I took up a scuba diving course just to prove to people, I could do something that they couldn’t, I didn’t expect to like it all that much or even be good at given that I had so many unsure feelings about the ocean. Low and behold it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life, I fell in love with it from the first moment my head went underwater and I took my first breath. All credit to my instructor at the time who encouraged me so much.

From this point I was hooked, I did course after course completing my divemaster’s, worked as a dive master at my first dive school before taking on the opportunity to become a diving instructor. Once I was a certified SSI diving instructor, I ensured I made the most of my school and services by attending as many courses, seminars and events as possible to gain further knowledge along with as much diving as I could physically do. I made it my mission to teach the students that were the most anxious and least confident from across the world to make sure that they turned out to be the most competent divers they could be. This also led to many of my students becoming dive professionals themselves which filled me with much pride.

My next stop was Australia working for one of the biggest companies on the Great Barrier Reef on all three of their boats including their liveaboard. Here I had the opportunity to really work with sharks, turtles and the extreme of conveyer belt diving where diver safety and money were on two different levels. This was a serious wake up call to become a efficient, safe and professional dive leader and trying to give people the best experience and share my knowledge with them either on diving courses, freediving or while on the boat between trips.

My next step was to land myself in Moal Boal, Philippines to complete my PADI instructor course. This was a wonderful, and scary place for marine life. Moal Boal has a diverse marine life due to the current, wall diving and sea temperatures. This included the famous sardine run, thresher sharks, the occasional whaleshark and the unprecedented amount of green and hawksbill turtles. Once I completed my PADI OWI course I created a turtle database to try and track the log each individual male and female in the local area, as the numbers were on a dramatic decrease due to fishing and plastic/ fishing nets. I wanted to take the opportunity to re-educate the locals on why we should protect turtles, so I did talks, visited schools and ran clean up conservation days. This was an amazing experience and I gained so much knowledge and experience doing this.

Finally, I headed back to Thailand and joined a dive school who worked with Sea Shepard, a well-known charity that fights for the oceans and against anyone trying to destroy it. This was a great experience working in conservation ensuring that all the divers I was certifying were conscious, awake and empowered to be ocean conscious.

Since coming back to the UK, I have wanted to start this company from the ground up. To fully understand my mission, you needed to know my past, to then know my future and the company future. This company has been created to fight for the animals that cannot fight for themselves but to really open the minds of the people who want to or even do not want to change! I will empower everyone and I will work with the influencers, charities, scientists and divers to change the world, wake up the people to the new world we are moving into and how we can be the best version of ourselves and for the future generations coming after us. It might start with a jumper but it will end with education, passion and change.