ADD ON’s for your custom product

ADD ON’s for your custom product

Some of your custom products need the perfect add-on to make them special and unique to you!!


The £3 covers outsourced extras in your order (still much lower than if bought itself).

For example, if you want a shark pyramid with fairy lights and a shark you just need to add one add-on product.

If you have multiple orders that require add-on's or more than two additional items in your order please add one more. If you have multiple orders you only need to add one add-on for each order and the additional costs are included.

Additional add on’s can be but not limited to :

-Fairy lights

-Scuba divers ( 2 inch in length )

-Butterflies 3D

-Figurines small

- such as shark models -Figurines large ( 4 inches and above ) - such as manta ray

-Dream catchers

-Handmade wire sharks ( any size )

-Glass bottles - cork seal

-Metal wheel Cogs


The reason for the add-on section is that each custom handmade product has items that have to be out scoured individually or take an additional amount of time to make, so I kindly ask if you can ensure you have checked your item order / or customization. I want to always ensure I can meet the needs of every individual request for a custom item, to ensure that you have a truly amazing one-off product. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL PRODUCTS DO COME WITH A FREE METAL STRAW AND A EXTRA SOMETHING. MULTIPLE ORDERS AT DIFFERENT TIMES OR AT THE SAME TIME QUALIFY FOR A LITTLE FREE GIFT AND ANY PURCHASE OVER 100GBP GETS FREE DELIVERY


If there is something you want but can’t see please let me know and I can source it for you. In the description box please inform me what you would like. This just helps little to help production costs and doesnt take away from the money that is donated to shark guardian at the end of purchase.


If the description you asked for these items but didn’t add on I will just pop a reminder email. I hope you understand

    VAT Included